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What We Do

Wala'au Therapy, LLC offers skilled, professional speech/language, and swallowing/feeding assessment and intervention services to the diverse community on the Big Island of Hawai'i. 


Formal and informal evaluation and assessment of speech/language, and swallowing/feeding disorders

Our assessment process includes:

Step 1: Complete a new client intake form 

Step 2: Therapist​ will review related medical and/or therapy history 

Step 3: Therapist will conduct an evaluation using a standardized assessment (published tests)

                           or non-standardized assessment (play-based, parent/caregiver report, observation)

Step 4: Therapist will review written evaluation report with parents/caregiver 

Step 5: Therapist will discuss recommendations, treatment approach, therapy plan, and goals 

Step 6: If speech/language or feeding/swallowing services are deemed appropriate, intervention will begin


Early Intervention 

Ages 0-3 years of age with speech and language delays that are affecting expressive and/or receptive language skills 

Speech sound disorders 

+ Articulation

+ Frontal and lateral lisps 

+ Fluency (Stuttering)

+ Phonological Processes 

+ Tongue/Lip tie 

+ Voice (vocal fold dysfunction)


+ Certified Autism Specialist 

+ Social Pragmatics 

+ Expressive language 

+ Auditory processing 

+ Non-verbal skills/perspective-taking

+ Sensory awareness/emotional regulation

+ Alternative & Augmentative     Communication (AAC) 


+ Post-stroke communication difficulties 

     - Aphasia 

     - Dysarthria 

+Traumatic/Acquired Brain Injury

+ Dementia 

+Parkinson's Disease 

Feeding and swallowing

+ SOS trained 

+ Feeding difficulties/food aversions

+ Picky eaters/Failure To Thrive (FTT)

+ Difficulty in swallowing liquids and/or food

Language-based disorders

+ Expressive language disorders

+ Receptive Language disorders  

+ Language-based learning disability   (Dyslexia)

+ Phonological Awareness 

Where services are provided


Using a HIPAA-compliant online platform  

At the clinic 

You come to our clinic 

At your home 

We come to your home

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