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a scientist who studies the causes and effects of diseases.

What is a Speech-Language Pathologist? 

SLP, Speech therapist, Swallowing therapist, Speech've heard them all. Used interchangeably and it is confusing.   But what exactly are we? 

A Speech-Language Pathologist, abbreviated as SLP, is a professional who holds a Master's Degree in Speech Pathology and/or Communication Disorders. He/she holds extensive training in the pathology, or study of diseases/disorders, that affect any part of the body responsible for communication and/or swallowing. In a nut shell, we deal with everything from the chest up. 

This includes:

                            + throat (swallowing) 

                            + oral cavity (mouth, tongue, lips, teeth, chewing)

                            + voice (vocal folds)

                            + brain (memory, attention, comprehension, 

If there are weaknesses in any of these areas of functioning, we are one of the members of the team that is called upon. An SLP is responsible for the assessment and treatment of any person who has symptoms and/or diagnosis of a communication or swallowing disorder. 

Where we work

An SLP can work in a multitude of settings. Below are a few of the settings where you would find us.

+ Elementary, middle, and high school education

+ Early Intervention programs (Easter Seals, Tutu & Me, Head Start)

+ Home health services (0-3 years old, post-hospitalization/recovery) 

+ Hospital (intensive care unit, acute care)

+ Long-term care facility (SNF, nursing homes)

+ Outpatient 

+ Private practice

+ University teaching 

We offer services to all age ranges 

+ Early Intervention- 0-3 years 

+ School-age 

+ Adolescent 

+ Adult

+ Geriatric 

Who we serve 

+ Autism

+ Down Syndrome

+ Speech Sound Disorder (Articulation, Phonological Processes)

+ Fluency Disorders

+ Alternative/Augmentative Communication 

+ Developmental Delay of Expressive and/or Receptive Language 

+ Dyslexia

+ Pediatric Feeding Disorders 

+ Aphasia

+ Dysphagia (Swallowing disorders)

+ Parkinson's Disease

+ Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia

+ Traumatic/Acquired Brain Injury

+ Voice disorders

+Apraxia of Speech

And many more...just ask!

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